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HSP-mina anteckningar

On the positive side, and there is a big positive side, we have learned Highly Sensitive People have wonderful imaginations, are very creative, curious, and are known for being very hard workers, great organizers and problem solvers. They are known for being extremely conscientious and meticulous. HSP are blessed with being exceptionally intuitive, caring, compassionate and spiritual. They are also blessed with an incredible aesthetic awareness and appreciation for nature, music and the arts.

We have found there is also a strong correlation between the trait of High Sensitivity and being “Gifted.” It is probably not incorrect to say that although not all Highly Sensitive People are Gifted, all Gifted people are HSP. And, Dr. Dabroski’s “OE” theory is that people born with overexcitabilites have a higher level of “development potential” than others and that overexcitabilities feed, enrich, empower and amplify their talents.

= Alla talangfullamänniskor/begåvade är HSP, men alla HSP är inte talangfulla/begåvade. Typ.

Oläst nedan:

“We found that areas of the brain involved with awareness and emotion, particularly those areas connected with empathetic feelings, in the highly sensitive people showed substantially greater blood flow to relevant brain areas than was seen in individuals with low sensitivity during the 12-second period when they viewed the photos.”

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    Du är fantastisk. !♡♥♡★♡♥

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    Tack. Men det är tufft att vara trött. <3

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